Germantown Alliance Background

The Alliance is a group of volunteer residents, businesses and organizations working together to be a unified voice for Germantown, Maryland. The group works closely with county officials to ensure that the thoughts and concerns of the community are heard and considered.


The Mission is to be an active voice for Germantown residents, businesses and organizations in building a safe, healthy, vibrant community.


The goal of the alliance is to be a proactive, engaged group that works together on issues impacting our community.

Current Board:

The following is a list of community leaders working to rebuild the alliance:

  • Susan Burkinshaw, President
  • Trish Heffelfinger, Vice President
  • Marilyn Balcombe, Secretary / Treasurer
  • Susan Soderberg
  • JaBette Lozupone
  • Kevin O’Rourke
  • Yolanda Gainey
  • Wesley Friend
  • Stephanie Weishaar
  • Catherine Matthews, County Liaison


General Meetings of the take place the fourth Thursday of every month.  The locations vary from month to month as we re-establish with the community.  Check our Upcoming Meetings page for information on when and where our next meeting will be.